Joji's book of Haiku

Where it all began. :')

When I was an exchange student living in Tokyo, I started writing haiku.

I wrote poems out by hand and make books like these.

I'd share my haiku with Japanese friends and people I met in clubs and bars, and sometimes write haiku together.

I always wanted to someday print my books.

Two years later, I self-published my first book 'Joji's book of haiku'.

First edition printed in August 2017

112 pages, 200 copies, printed in Taipei.

Released at Tokyo Art Book Fair in 2017!

And then reprinted in 2019 with the new title:

'Joji's Japan - 1st book of haiku'

Second edition printed in July 2019.

Cover printed with Risograph at 中野活版印刷.

84 pages, 500 copies, self published in Japan.